We provide specialist ecological services to support wind and solar farm developments. Our skilled ecologists and botanists work closely with the sites project construction team to identify and mitigate impacts of construction on the ecosystems, and reduce the impact from development activities. Supporting our clients during pre-construction environmental planning, construction and operational activities and site decommissioning requirements.


Pre-construction fauna, flora and vegetation assessments to determine the presence of  ‘Matter of National Environmental Significance’ (MNES) species on the project site and identify the impact on these species from the construction activities. Develop species management plans with focus on avoidance and mitigation measures on identified MNES species present/impacted by the construction activities.


Fauna spotter/catchers on site prior to and during clearance activities, to clear all tracked animals before clearance commences. Fauna trapping and release program to relocate identified significant species impacted by construction activities and rehabilitated to suitable areas. Extensive onsite first aid supplies to manage any injured wildlife until wildlife careers or veterinarian assistance obtained.


Offset management for rare, endangered or vulnerable plant species impacted from the construction activities including translocating species to rehabilitation sites for revegetation trials. Flagging significant plant species and placement of barriers around significant vegetation areas to restrict access or disturbance.


Weed management and control to avoid weeds being spread in access tracks particularly declared weeds, declared plants and invasive grasses. Weed surveys during and post construction on access tracks, turbine pads, contractor yards and vehicles/equipment.