Striving for positive change, Epicentre Environmental delivers superior environmental management that is effective, efficient and above all, safe

About Epicentre Environmental

Epicentre Environmental specialise in fauna, flora and weed management for private and government sectors across the oil & gas, mining & civil, and land development industries across Australia. Offering a comprehensive environmental management service, including project reporting, we work to meet infrastructure development approval conditions and ensure best practice solutions for our clients. Our highly qualified and experienced team includes ecologists, botanists, fauna spotter/catchers and specialists in protected species research.

  • We strive for balance between Australia’s infrastructure developments and ecology management, reducing our clients’ environmental impact
  • We continue to evolve our services, using innovation to improve efficiencies associated with the management of ecosystems
  • We prioritise employee’s safety in all of our operations, ensuring our staff have the equipment and necessary skills to conduct our services safely
  • We are committed to ecology research projects, working with governments, universities and community groups to advance the knowledge of endangered and other threatened species

Australia Wide Ecology

Delivering services across varying projects around Australia, from small development sites to large gas field construction activities.

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Turn Key Services

Providing a turn-key service in fauna, flora & weed management with a strong team of ecologists, botanists, fauna spotters and field specialists.

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Reducing Footprint

Reducing ecological footprint of Australia’s infrastructure developments with low impact best practice environmental management.

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Global Presence

Committed to global ecological research advancing the knowledge on endangered, vulnerable and near threatened species.

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