Fauna Management

Epicentre Environmental provides superior fauna management services for a wide variety of applications from small development sites through to large infrastructure projects that require day-to-day onsite fauna specialists. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide highly qualified & experienced ecologists and fauna spotter catchers to handle wildlife with minimal harm or stress, while maintaining our efficiencies to work within project timeframes and budget constraints.


Epicentre Environmental’s team of ecologists possess the skills and experience to provide clients with a wide range of ecological impact assessments from small-scale development sites to major infrastructure projects. Epicentre has ecologists approved by the Commonwealth to work on CSG projects across Queensland.


With a range of specialised ecologists and fauna spotter/catchers, we provide accurate and operational fauna management plans along with species management plans specific to project site environmental compliance conditions.


Epicentre Environmental’s ecologists conduct detailed fauna surveys targeting threatened species known or considered likely to occur within a project site. The animals are identified and impacts to the species are assessed against the proposed development footprint. Mitigation plans are prepared and implemented to ensure the species is not adversely impacted.


Our highly experienced and licensed Fauna Spotter/Catchers work alongside a project site clearance team to ensure best management of wildlife removal and relocation, while working within timeframes and budget requirements. Epicentre’s fauna spotter/catchers have been successfully working on major oil and gas projects along with a range of infrastructure developments around Australia.


Our ecologists develop project-specific wildlife trapping and relocation plans. Using ethically approved traps and equipment, surveys are conducted in accordance with recognised industry guidelines to reduce impacts to wildlife during the trapping program.


Epicentre Environmental field teams are equipped with extensive first aid supplies for injured wildlife with our fauna spotter/catchers able to provide basic trauma assessment and first aid before veterinarian assistance can be reached, significantly increasing the survival rate of injured wildlife.