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Epicentre Environmental provide a professional and reliable turn-key service Australia wide in Environmental Management with a highly skilled team of ecologists, botanists, fauna spotters/catchers, flora & weed specialists and industry consultants. Working on major projects nationwide, Epicentre Environmental bridges the gap between the environment and Australia’s industry sectors.



Environmental management services to support wind and solar farm developments during pre-construction, construction and site decommissioning.

Oil & Gas

Working on major oil & gas projects providing ecologist services for pipeline and well pad construction along with weed identification & management between sites.


Fauna and flora management plans, offset programs, managing ecology during mine site clearance works and monitoring & control for located species.


Government and infrastructure projects providing environmental management plans, pre-clearance surveys and field fauna and flora requirements.


Fauna Management

Ecology management plans, fauna site surveys and assessments, field fauna spotter/catchers, trapping and relocation programs and more..

Flora Management

Botanical assessments, flora management plans, flora/vegetation surveys, offset management, field vegetation officers and more..

Weed Management

Weed assessments and site surveys, weed management plans, weed control activities and vehicle weed clearance surveys and more..

Specialised Research

Research projects to advance the knowledge and management necessary on endangered, vulnerable and near threatened species.

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